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We are Official Distributor for SEMA Gases


Princeps Spedition is offering comprehensive range of spare parts, mechanisms and services for vessels (including merchant and passenger fleets, sea yachts, tugs and technical fleets for various purposes), for ship repair enterprises, as well as for other industries since 2007.

Calibration gases (SpanGases) and Gas detection equipment.

Fire-fighting equipment (FFE) and fire extinguishing systems (fire extinguishers, fire-fighting equipment, fire hoses, automatic fire extinguishing systems).

Life-saving appliances (LSA).

Inspection and maintenance of life-saving appliances, as well as supply of new equipment.

Self-contained breathing apparatus and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices.

Outboard ladders, gangways, pilot ladders and embarkation ladders.

Individual life-saving appliances (inflatable lifejackets, immersion suits, chemical protection suits).

Lifting devices, cranes and wires.

We carry out inspection and certification of essential life-saving appliances, as well as annual inspection, 5-year inspection, testing, repair and certification of lifeboats, rescue boats, davits, launching devices and launching mechanisms made by well-known manufacturers.


We manage MULTIMODAL shipments (combination of Sea, Rail, Truck and Airfreight) using our trustworthy network of global carriers and 3PL providers.

Using the most advanced and innovative IT solutions and our industry knowledge, means that the whole process of Logistics Chain is being controlled by Princeps Spedition to the greatest benefits of our clients.

In accordance with Just-In-Time and Just-In-Place concepts, we quickly define the most cost efficient, fastest and reliable scheme for your cargo. We deal with Hazardous and Project Cargo. As addition, to our services we can find the best customs or cold storage in Estonia, where we can make customs formalities, labelling, repacking, shrink wrapping and other type of value added services.

You can obtain the information concerning the total cost of delivery of your cargo, including the freight, cost of customs clearance and preparation of all necessary documents, by contacting us.

We will make all calculations and submit the entire information and quote for your notice.


In order to provide you with the best solution promptly, it is extremely important to receive full details regarding your needs.



Princeps Spedition is an independent Estonian marine solutions provider and 3PL company. Our field of activities range from various solutions related to marine industry and logistics, not limited to regular air-, seafreight and rail/road traffic.

Through our network of partners we guarantee excellent service. Our work is based on unconditional client care, individuality and commitment.

Every project we handle is performed with the utmost attention to efficiency, reliability and safety. We strive to be our clients first choice in any related matter.

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