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We are official distributor for GMS Instruments


Many  industries  are  faced  with  pressure  issues.  When  pressure  needs  to  be  measured,checked,  calibrated  or  controlled  GMS  Instruments  is  your  partner.  Representing  leadingpressure  measuring  instruments  manufacturers  like  WIKA,  AMOT  Controls,  SIKA  and  AS-Schneider  Armaturen.  GMS  Instruments  carries  a  broad  range  of  pressure  gauges  andtransmitters,  pressure  regulating  valves  and  controllers  and  pressure  calibrators.  We  alsocarry  accessories  for  pressure  measuring  instruments  like  pressure  gauge  valves,  overpressure  protectors  and  2-,3-  and  5-fold  manifolds.  All  kinds  of  mounting  equipment  andadaptors are within our scope of supply.


To monitor processes flow and level measurements are essential. For example, for gaining insightinto the efficiency of a system, it is necessary to know (among other aspects) what the input andthe  output  are.  But  these  measurements  are  also  necessary  to  monitor  waste  substances.Furthermore,  there  is  a  need  to  record  the  delivery  and  procurement  of  raw  materials  to  theentire business.


Depending upon the principles on which flow and / or level measurement are based, there arevarious instruments that can be chosen.

For level detection, for example, a float switch may be used, also known as the Mobory switch. Theoperation of this switch is based on the mutual repulsion of two magnets. The float is mounted ona pivoting shaft, on which a permanent magnet also is mounted. The same magnet is mounted inthe switching section, opposite the magnet on the float. The poles of the two magnets are placedopposite each other in such a way that they repel each other through the flange. GMS Instrumentshas a wide range in the area of flow and level measurements. Tell us what your flow and / or levelchallenge is and we will do the rest


The way pressure measuring instruments will be mount on top of the process depends on the situation andtype of process. All instrument valves and manifolds are designed to fulfil its unique purpose. For example,there  can  not  be  any  liquids  go  through  a  with  a  gas  filled  pipeline.  While  on  the  other  side  liquids  are  anecessity on liquid filled processes. The reason for this is that there needs to be a fixed zero pressure pointin  the  pipelines,  to  ensure  reliable  and  accurate  measurements.  There  can  be  numerous  reasons  not  toinstall  an  instrument  valve  directly  to  the  process,  one  of  the  reasons  can  be:  a  chemical  composedprocess, high temperatures, or pressure fluctuations.

Manifolds  ensure  shutting-off  impulse  lines,  deflating  a  process,  and  create  a  fixed  zero  pressure  point.Manifolds  come  in  many  different  sizes  and  forms,  all  dependable  on  the  needs  and  requirements  for  eachunique process and installation wishes.

Valves  fulfil  a  crucial  function  within  the  process.  Valves  make  sure  that  significant  amounts  of  fluencesare  treated  in  controllable  amounts  by  controlled  opening  and  closing  of  the  valve.  The  valve  is  thecorrecting  system  within  the  process,  what  means  that  in  combination  with  further  process  equipment,valves are a necessity for taking care and maintaining the right amount of process going through.

A valve needs to have certain standards to keep a process running. Important features are for example thecharacteristics and capacity of the valve. When there is a deviation in one of the components, for instance,the flow of a process will be disrupted which can come with expensive downtime consequences. With theright features, a controlled process can take place safely.


Nowadays maintenance is not simply a reaction to a fault but involves regular measuring and testing sothat  wear  and  tear  of  parts  can  be  predicted.  This  predictive  maintenance  depends  on  dedicated,accurate  and  certified  test  and  measuring  equipment.  GMS  Instruments  can  supply  a  wide  range  ofdiagnostic equipment from stock and if preferred with a retraceable certificate.


The operational activities of all the different industries and shipping are guided by rules and regulations issuedby governments and agencies. To ensure compliance we can give engineering support and supply instrumentswhich check combustion of engines, measure and control output of exhaust gasses (like Nox), supply completetreatment  systems  for  oily  water,  sludge  and  sewage  and  provide  training  for  the  effective  use  of  thesesystems.  We  also  have  a  large  assortment  of  equipment  to  ensure  a  responsible  use  of  water,  oil  and  othervaluable commodities. All because the environment matters.


Pressure,  temperature  and  other  factors  are  important  parameters  in  practical  workplaces  and  in  anindustrial  process.  This  is  why  test  calibration  equipment  plays  an  essential  part  in  the  monitoring  andprotection  of  processes  and  environments.  It  also  ensures  that  equipment  functions  perfectly  on  time,every time.

And it’s not just quality and process monitoring or indications for preventive maintenance that are at stake,but people’s lives as well. To ensure that your equipment in functioning properly, it is essential that it isregularly  tested  and  calibrated.  Various  internationally  recognised  inspection  bodies  also  require  thatcritical measurement equipment is to be tested and calibrated at regular intervals.


Depending  on  the  degree  of  accuracy  required  and  the  precise  nature  of  the  test  or  calibration,  ourtechnical advisors will make the appropriate choice from our extensive range of test calibration equipment.

To test a pressure switch, for example, a hand pump with an analogue gauge is the most effective solution,whilst the calibration of a temperature sensor on which the quality of your product depends may require ahighly-accurate temperature calibrator supported by PC-based processing of the measurement data. Tellus  what  your  test  calibration  equipment  challenge  is,  and  we  will  do  the  rest.  We  are  specialised  in  thefollowing product categories:

• Pressure gauges

• Temperature Calibrators

• Pressure calibrators

• Multimeters

• Portable gas detection equipment

• Fixed gas detection equipment

• Torque wrenches


You  can  ask  GMS  Instruments  to  help  you  with  the  certification  of  your  equipment.  Please  visit  thecertification  service  page.  Logistics  of  GMS  Instruments  offers  an  average  delivery  time  of  one  day,  24hours a day, which means that we can service your equipment very swiftly. We also provide a pick-up andredelivery service within the Rotterdam harbour.


When lives are at stake, you need a certified partner and advisor who has extensive experienceand  knowledge  in  the  supply  and  testing  of  gas  detection  equipment.  Renowned  brands  ofportable and fixed gas and oxygen detection systems can be supplied from stock along with allnecessary spare parts. A wide range of test gases can be obtained from stock at the main portsof the world saving time and money!


Thermal  imaging  is  the  use  of  an  infrared  imaging  and  measurement  camera  to  “see”  and“measure”  thermal  energy  emitted  from  an  object.  Infrared  allows  us  to  see  what  our  eyescannot. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiationand provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. Nearly everything getshot before it fails, making infrared cameras extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic toolsin many diverse applications.

And  as  the  industry  strives  to  improve  product  quality,  and  enhance  worker  safety,  newapplications  for  infrared  cameras  continually  emerge.  The  latest  application  is  “night  time”navigation.  GMS  Instruments  has  a  complete  product  range  of  thermal  imaging  cameras  fornight  time  navigation,  Anti-Piracy,  iceberg  navigation,  oil  spill  detection,  safety  onboard  andman-overboard situations for maritime applications.

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