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Since 1985, Industrial Scientific has dedicated their careers to eliminating death on the job, first with cutting-edge gas detection technologies and now with asset management, remote monitoring, productivity tracking, and other software applications.


From the International Space Station to mines deep inside the earth, men and women around the world bet their lives on the technologies Industrial Scientific teams have created, including the first three-gas detector, six-gas detector, and wireless gas detector.


Industrial Scientific also developed a full suite of safety resources, including:

iNet® Exchange, a full-service gas detector maintenance and repair program.

iNet® Control, a data management tool to help you make smarter long-term decisions.

iNet® Now, a live monitoring service that provides real-time visibility into worker and site safety.

SAFER One™, a dynamic plume modeling tool to help you operate with confidence during a chemical release.

Fire and Emergency Response

Gas-related risks are common for fire departments and emergency response teams.

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Chemical Plant

Food and Beverage

At a chemical plant, workers can be exposed to any number of gases: LEL, O2, NH3, CO, Cl2, H2, HCL, H2S, NO, NO2, PH3, or SO2.

From cleaning vats and pits to fermenting and carbonating, the food and beverage industry has its own unique gas hazards.

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Pulp and Paper

The same paper mills that create harmless household products have serious hazards in the production process.

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At the scene of a hazardous materials incident, first responders are responsible for protecting lives, property, and the environment

Utility workers face hazards every time they go to work. Evacuations, cable installation and repairs, and sewage or electrical line inspections are just some of the ways that workers can find themselves at risk of exposure to gas hazards.

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Energy Production and Distribution

Working in energy production and distribution can expose you to a variety of hazards – including explosions and fires due to flammable gases, falls from high platforms or equipment, confined space entry, and more.

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Steel Manufacturing

Mining is a broad industry that covers the extraction of diverse materials from the ground, ranging from coal to metals and non-metals like salt or sand.

The hazards workers face in iron and steel manufacturing are varied, but always demanding.

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